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    2017 RULES

    Super Hooligan class rules are simple and designed to keep costs down and fabrication to a minimum.
    750cc and up Street Bikes ONLY! Open to all manufacturers.

    Where the rules permit, or require components of equipment to be installed, replaced, altered or fabricated, it is the sole responsibility of the rider to select components, materials and/or fabricate the same so that the motorcycle components will perform in competition properly.

    Any component of a motorcycle, deemed as necessary for acceptable operation, must be in place, securely mounted, in proper working order and structurally sound prior to technical inspection and anytime the machine is on the race track.

    Consumption of alcohol by any rider will result in immediate disqualification from racing and automatic forfeiture of any and all points, awards or contingencies earned at that event. Save the partying for the after party.

    2017 RULES
    The SHNC is not responsible for how the races are held. All sign-ups, insurance, safety, gridding, scoring, staging, results and other factors we cannot control, are the responsibility of the race organizers/promoters. These rules are set forth to promote safety and an even playing field to keep cost at a minimum.

    Race Organization


    a. Stock Production Street Bike Frames
    I. Stock, production motorcycle must have originated with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine.
    II. No geometry changes allowed that are not bolt-on.
    III. No fabrication allowed to change neck angle, no moving stock swingarm pivot location on frame, no cutting off subframes or changing stock upper shock mount location(s), unless it is a bolt-on modification.
    IV. Aftermarket swing arms are allowed.
    b. Cracked or broken frames are prohibited.
    c. Kickstands must be removed.

    a. No front brakes are allowed for flat track events.
    b. Front brakes are allowed only for specified TT events.

    a. 19” Flat Track racing tires or 17” wet/rain racing tires only.
    b. Tires from any manufacturer are permitted.
    c. No knobbies, street, dual sport or other tire types allowed.

    a. Stock, production motorcycle must have originated with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine.
    b. Engine modifications are open. Modify to your hearts content.

    Exhaust System
    a. Exhaust pipes and mufflers must be used and be securely attached together and bolted to the frame. Mufflers must have sound absorption mechanisms or packed baffling.
    b. The discharge end of the exhaust pipe may not extend beyond the rear edge of the rear tire. For safety reasons, the exposed edge(s) of the exhaust pipe outlet(s) must be rounded to eliminate any sharp edges.
    c. The inside of the exhaust discharge end must be a maximum of five inches from the outside edge of the tire or frame in order to prevent another rider’s wheel or leg from becoming trapped.

    Coolant/Fluid Containment
    a. Coolant may be propylene glycol based. It must be nontoxic and water soluble. Ethylene glycol is not an acceptable coolant.
    b. All drain plugs and oil fill caps must be safety-wired except plugs that are secured by other approved methods. In addition, glass oil sight windows must be adequately protected. A metal guard is preferable and duct tape, by itself, is not sufficient protection.
    c. Oil filter bolts must be secured with safety wire. Oil filter cans must be secured with metal clamps and safety wire.
    d. All vent lines coming out of the engine that have positive pressure must be routed into a filter of at least 23 square inches (2.5” diameter x 3” long) or a heat-resistant catch can of at least 350cc or of sufficient capacity to contain breather oil for the duration of a race.
    e. All vent, breather or overflow tubes coming from the radiator must be routed into a heat-resistant container with a capacity of at least 250cc. Soda cans or bottles, or the like, are not acceptable.

    Handlebars and Controls
    a. Cracked or broken handlebars are prohibited.
    b. Control levers must have minimum 0.25-inch diameter ball ends.
    c. Motorcycles must be equipped with a functional ignition cut-off switch or button, mounted on the handlebar and within reach of the rider’s hand when placed on the grip. Momentary-off style switches are recommended and preferred.
    d. Motorcycles must have a self-closing throttle mechanism.
    e. All handlebar ends must present no cutting hazard.
    f. All levers, pegs and other protruding parts must be rounded or taped for safety.

    a. Lights and turn indicators should be removed if possible.
    b. All lights not removed must be completely covered with tape so any and all glass/plastic is retained in the event of an impact. Clear tape is acceptable.

    Rider Apparel
    a. Helmet/Goggles
    i. Riders must wear a helmet which is in good condition, provides a good fit and is properly fastened at all times when riding on track.
    ii. Helmets must be of the full face type and conform to one of the following recognized standards. The helmet must have a label affixed certifying its approval.
    1. BSI: 6658 Type A
    2. USA: Snell M2010 / M2015
    3. United Nations: Regulation ECE 22.05 P’
    4. Japan: JIS 8133:2007
    iii. It is recommended that all helmets used in competition be equipped with a commercially manufactured emergency helmet removal device such as the Hats Off device.
    iv. Face shields or goggles must be shatter resistant. Faceshield must be down or goggles must be worn at the start of each event.
    b. Boots/Skid Shoes
    i. Boots must be at least eight inches high.
    ii. A skid shoe should be used on appropriate tracks. The skid shoe must be made with a curved front end at the toe end of the shoe, with no sharp edges on the entire shoe.
    iii. Skid shoe must be attached to a rider’s boot so it will not come loose. If a skid shoe becomes loose and has the potential to injure the rider or break free and endanger other participants, the rider will be black flagged.
    c. Pants and Jackets
    i. Leathers are highly recommended for half mile events> Leather jacket at a minimum, armor is highly recommended.
    ii. Padded Leather pants are highly recommended for the half mile. Your body will thank you later.
    d. Gloves
    i. Gloves must be worn. Leather gloves are highly recommended.

    Due to the popularity of the Hooligan Class, not everyone will always make the Super Hooligan main event. Heat race and semi-final finishing positions (when semi format used by race organizer) will determine which top riders qualify for the Super Hooligan Main Event.

    Dash For Cash
    Race schedule permitting, a Super Hooligan Dash for Cash race will be held before the main event. The winner from each heat race or semi-final (when semi format used by race organizer) will qualify for Dash For Cash event.
    a. 4 Laps.
    b. Winner-Takes-All.

    Holeshot Award
    The Super Hooligan Holeshot award will be given to the first rider through turn #2, upon the initial start of the Super Hooligan Main Event. Winner to be determined by the race organizer and a marker or line should be put in place on the track for accurate reference. In the case that a Holeshot winner cannot be determined, the race organizer will decide the outcome.

    Championship Points
    a. Points will be paid from first to twelfth place for Super Hooligan Main Event only.
    b. In the case of a “B Main Event”, no points will be awarded, but winner will take home the Fastest Slow Guy bragging rights.
    c. In the case of a tie, most race wins or most top finishing positions act as tie breaker.
    d. Riders must attempt to take the start of a Main Event in order to receive championship points.
    e. Champion must attend the final round of the series to be crowned and collect championship winnings.
    f. When the results are declared official by race organizer, points will be awarded for finishing positions in the Super Hooligan Main Event only, according to the following schedule.
    g. Rider(s) must sign RSD Super Hooligan National Championship rules and liability waiver in order to collect championship points.

    Position Points
    1st 25
    2nd 20
    3rd 17
    4th 15
    5th 14
    6th 13
    7th 12
    8th 11
    9th 10
    10th 9
    11th 8
    12th 7

    Contingency Eligibility
    a. Contingency will be paid only for the Super Hooligan Main Event.
    b. In the case of a “B Main Event”, no contingency will be awarded but the winner will take home the Fastest Slow Guy bragging rights.
    c. One official Super Hooligan front number plate will be supplied to each Super Hooligan class rider at the first race they sign up for.
    d. Official Super Hooligan number plate with your number on it must be mounted to front of motorcycle and attached in a way that it is secured to the motorcycle for the duration of the race.
    e. Riders must display official Super Hooligan number plate with series sponsor branding to be eligible for any prizes.
    f. If any logos on number plates are covered, modified or otherwise made illegible, no contingencies will be paid to that rider. Championship points and trophies will be awarded, but contingencies and championship bonuses will not be paid.
    g. In the case a rider forfeits his contingencies, payouts will move to the next eligible rider.
    h. Rider(s) must sign RSD Super Hooligan National Championship rules and liability waiver in order to collect contingencies.
    i. SHNC must receive a completed W-9 form from rider, in order for contingency payments to be made.

    Contingencies & Prizes
    Contingency payout checks will be mailed following each race, upon receipt of final results provided by race organizer.
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    Pretty much old school wide open rules!
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