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    Afternoon, Gents

    I beat my wallet up and bought Stage 1 for the Power Plus.
    I went with the Indian intake kit. easy to install myself with basic tools. rode it to the dealership and had them install the new calibration to the ECM. ($70 for the calibration, btw)
    For the exhaust side, I chose TAB Performance's pipes with their medium baffles and chrome diagonal cut tips to retain a factory-ish look. GONE are the jettson noises from the rear end, only to be replaced by the sounds of a true v-twin. Decent rumble at idle and a deep nasty growl under acceleration. Not annoyingly loud, and they do not interfere with my own thoughts, let alone the music I choose to play.
    How does it feel, you ask? Should have come from the factory this way. Response is much better off idle. The dead spot(delay) for throttle blips is gone. I'd guess an increase of 5hp by the seat of my pants. My buddy who rode behind me said that it sounded good and not annoying for him either.
    Was it worth it? *sigh* No. But WAIT. I say this because of the cost. I spent almost a thousand dollars for a minimal gain in power. As these bikes get more common and the OEM or aftermarket parts become more readily available, they will drop in price. For me, I still wouldn't go back to the dead spot and quiet pipes. they are two safety aspects for me due to shifting and the awareness of drivers around me.

    I may dyno the bike to see true power gains if enough people are interested.
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    1k. You made out like a bandit on a stage one. Congrats
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