*SOLD* Gel pad/memory foam upgraded stock Dark Horse Seat

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    Okay, here is the story:

    I took a bunch of upholstery classes at the local community college and reupholstered all of my living room and dining room furniture.

    A couple years later, I used these upholstery skills and upgraded my stock Dark Horse seats with 3/8" gel pad inserts and 1/2" memory foam. Before the upgrade, my passenger* (then girlfriend, now wife) could travel 75 minutes before she started squirming around because of hot spots.

    After the upgrade, she could ride for an entire tank of gas. She gets off the bike because we have to stop for fuel. Folks at Indian gatherings have marveled at how differently the seat reacts to being poked compared to their stock Chief or Chieftain seats.

    The improvements made riding on trips of up to 4 days, 800 miles enjoyable. However, after our 1800+ miles, 10 day honeymoon, she said her butt hurt. I bought a used Roadmaster seat and installed it on my Dark Horse.

    Therefore, I am offering my custom reupholstered Dark Horse stock seat (vinyl) for sale.

    I am asking $250. I am willing to negotiate. The work I did saved hundreds over a Corbin, Mustang, Ultimate or any of the other high dollar seats. I am not saying those are not fine products; simply that my modified seat rides quite well for a lot less money.

    There are no defects in the vinyl. The seat is what it is and it rides good.

    *My wife says to let you know that she is 6' tall. The upgraded Dark Horse seat will be even more comfortable for a passenger who is not as tall.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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