Rider looking to get back riding - rear tire installation question.

Discussion in 'Indian Motorcycle General Discussion' started by PhatRoadMaster, Aug 15, 2019.

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    I needed a new rear tire for my Roadmaster. (side bar, after burning out my E3 in 4000 miles, decided to do with Metzler ME888 - whole other thread, lol) I have a jack, I have tools, I have built hot rods, should be a piece of cake. Removal went easy as I followed the shop manual. Installation, not going well at all. The caliper bracket fell off the swing arm when I was putting the wheel assy back in place. I need help with regards to positioning of the caliper bracket. Current situation, shock pivot removed for more suspension travel, mufflers removed for easier access, rear axle 7/8 of the way through but is hitting the rear of the swingarm and is not straight. After giving up yesterday and "sleeping" on it my only conclusion is I have the caliper bracket installed incorrectly where I have the tab on the bracket behind the boss on the swingarm, Need to confirm that this tab goes ahead of this boss on the swingarm. I am at work trying to reason out why this is not working. I have tried to muscle the wheel forward on the left side but cannot. Can anyone please confirm the location of the tab of the bracket is ahead of the boss on the swing arm. Possible for anyone to take a picture from the top of the swingarm looking down at the caliper bracket to help out this rider get back on my steed. I can't wait to get back to it after work, but I would like even more to confirm my ponderings as why this is not working. Thanks tribe!

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