Knock sensor low voltage warning.

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    So my 2018 Chieftain Limited came up with the above fault on my ride command screen. Oh no I thought! Engine retarded itself and sounded crap but I was able to ride the short distance home and jump on this forum. Aha I'm not the only one this has happened to. The sensor is mounted on the rear of the front cylinder and of course the wiring runs right past the cylinder head and plugs into the ECU.
    You're right in thinking the wires must get hot! In fact that where the problem was. The wiring melted on the fins on the cylinder head. Removed the sensor and wrapped the wiring in a high temp sleeving and then wrapped it with copper wire. Reinstalled and the fault cleared and the bike is back to full power. Thanks to all you people who contribute to this forum that helps us all out. Cost me a bit of time and 5 bucks to fix. Love you guys and this forum!

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