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    Here are some of the riders that inspire me to continually improve my own skills both on the street and in the dirt. The passion and dedication to motorcycling that all of these riders share is immensely contagious.

    The Dunlop Family (Joey, Robert, Michael, and William)


    The Dunlop dynasty are legendary in the history of road racing, especially in their homeland of Northern Ireland. Their story is a roller coaster of triumph and tragedy. Both Joey (brother of Robert) and Robert (father of William and Michael) died on their motorcycles while racing after a long history of incredible resilience, continually returning to the sport and succeeding after surviving multiple life threatening accidents. Joey was also known for his charitable and humanitarian efforts between racing seasons. Both of Robert's sons have continued the family tradition of success, Michael being the 1st rider in history to complete an Isle of Man TT lap in under 17 minutes, William being a two-time winner of the North West 200 (the race that took his father's life).

    The 2014 documentary Road is a fantastic (though often heart-wrenching) overview of the Dunlop road racing legacy. It is quite difficult to track down online, being an Irish/UK only release.

    Toby Price


    Toby Price is an Australian off-road/enduro racer, currently competing with the factory KTM rally team. In 2013 he broke his neck while riding for KTM America in the AMA Hare and Hound National Championship and was told by doctors that he would never ride again. Half a year later he returned to race in the 2013 Baja 1000 where his role model and teammate Kurt Caselli was killed after colliding with an animal. In 2016 Price dominated the Dakar Rally, winning overall by ~40 minutes, and became the first Australian to ever win any class of the Dakar Rally, as well as the only person to ever win on their 2nd attempt.

    Red Bull's documentary Paying the Price is an excellent overview of his achievements:

    Graham Jarvis


    Graham Jarvis is currently heralded by many as the greatest Extreme/Hard Enduro racer of all time and currently races for the Husqvarna factory team. He has won the Erzbergrodeo 3 times, Red Bull Sea to Sky 4 times, Red Bull Romaniacs 6 times, Hell's Gate 5 times, the Scott Trial 9 times, and is the 4x Scottish 6 Day Trial Champion as well as the 5x British Trials Champion. His skill is borderline superhuman.

    Post about some of the riders that keep you motivated and entertained. They don't have to be world famous racers, could be a friend or a family member, which brings me to the most influential rider on my list.

    My Old Man


    A lifelong devotee to cruising, wrenching, and chopping. I've put on more miles with this guy than any other and wouldn't be riding at all if it wasn't for him.
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    To Keep this one going for a while will do just one at a time .. This was My Hero all through the 60's, Cal Rayborn Kicking Azz on a Harley Davidson Sportster.. One but not the only reason ended up with a Sportster as my First Street Ride in 1970 .. When HD dropped their Racing Team, Suzuki Hired him in a Flash Sadly he died shortly after that running Speed Tests and Trials on the Track .. But will always bring me Fond Memories ..

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