Harvey Relief Efforts in The Woodlands, TX

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    Hi all!

    My name is Diana, and I work with BMW, Indian, and Slingshot Woodlands located in Shenandoah, TX (just North of Houston). I hope this doesn't come across as spam (as this is not about sales). We just wanted to reach out briefly...

    To everyone who has braved this unprecedented storm in the Houston area, lost their family and homes...we are praying and thinking of all of you!

    We are still not free from Harvey, and we are coordinating relief efforts to make sure that people get what they NEED. Please see the attached picture for a list of items we are accepting that will go to the Montgomery County Food Bank. We have also created a GoFundMe campaign benefiting the Montgomery County Food Bank. You can donate here: Click here to support Help Harvey Victims organized by BMW Indian and Slingshot Woodlands

    We will be accepting donations during business hours and up until 2:00PM on Saturday, 9/2, (for this first drop off) to make sure we deliver everything to the Montgomery County Food Bank by 3:00PM.

    This weekend (September 2nd), we also will be serving lunch from 11:30AM until 2:30PM (or until the food runs out) for our customers and the Woodlands Firefighters to show our support and appreciation for their service! These gentlemen have been working around the clock and spending time away from their own families to help. If you are in the area or passing through, please feel free to stop by, grab some lunch, and donate if you're able!

    We are located at: 198 Ed English Dr, Shenandoah, TX 77385
    Phone: 936.271.7600
    BMW, Indian, and Slingshot Woodlands Facebook Page

    I apologize, in advance, if this is not something I should post. We wanted to try and get the word out to as many people as we can! We realize this only helps a portion of those affected, but it's a start! Please know we are here for you! Let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to help!

    We appreciate any help you can give to the relief effort! Please share! God bless!

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    I think that it's fine and hope that the mods will approve.
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    Wishing you all the best over that way ..

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