Fxdr 1400 or something like that

Discussion in 'Indian FTR 1200 Forum' started by Bobby Jesus, Aug 22, 2018.

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    A65996D6-4475-49A1-8FD3-1D44D8A1998A.jpeg This is Harley’s latest attempt to lure new riders. Oh boy.
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    I think this is Harley's latest attempt to apologize for discontinuing the V-Rod and the Dyna.

    It is an effort to combine the drag racing inspired ergonomics of the V-Rod (massive rear tire, long wheelbase, aggressive rake) with the nimble aspirations of the Dyna (but by using the new softail chassis as a base). The result is a bike that is a huge compromise in both directions. It has the drag inspired characteristics of the V-Rod but is missing the best part of the V-Rod, the liquid cooled high-revving, high-horsepower, flat-torque engine. With a power:weight ratio and rear tire that just barely has an edge over the existing Fat Bob 114 this bike won't come close to matching the V-Rod, let alone the other competitor power cruisers out there like the V-Max and XDiavel S. It has the sporty aspirations of the Sport Glide and some Dynas of the past but with an awkward rear tire, forward controls, long wheelbase, and aggressive rake. It's stuck in the middle between two very different motorsports.

    In my opinion, a motorcycle that is marketed as a "power cruiser" has one job, winning. If it's going to be an embarrassment every time an XDiavel, V-Max, V-Rod, M109R, Octane, or even a lightly modified Scout pulls up next to it at a stop light, why would I even think of paying $26,500 CAD for it?

    All of that being said, I know for a fact that the day I go ride this bike at a demo event I'll be logging in to tell you all how much fun it was, regardless of whether or not I think it's worth the money. There are lots of bikes that I love to ride but will never buy.

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