Four European IMRG Rides and Parties you can join in with this summer

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    All four rides are open to anyone to join in on, no matter what brand of motorcycle is ridden.


    Where? Held in Dax in France
    When? Friday 7th July to Sunday 9th July
    “As the name suggests, this weekend festival held in Dax in France is a petrolhead and music lover’s paradise. Attendance has increased steadily since 2009 from 4,000 to almost 25,000 people. It attracts bikers from all over France but also from neighbouring countries too for a weekend of partying that you’ll never forget.”


    Where? Held at Concentración Faro in Portugal near the airport
    When? Thursday 20th July to Sunday 23rd July
    “The beauty of the Faro Rally is that it isn’t just held over the weekend; the party starts on the Thursday giving you four wonderful days under blue skies in hot weather with thousands of other bikers and partygoers. This year it’s the 36th time the rally has been held. It’s possibly some of the best biking ambiance you can get in the world, and with the Portuguese hospitality and the best weather you can get in Europe, it’s well worth going to. You can also ride home and say you’re one of the happy few that has been to Europe’s ‘Biker Mecca’.”

    Where? In Norway
    When? From Lyngdal on Friday 11th August to Skånevik on Sunday 13th August
    “Organised by the Lyngdal Riders Group, the Viking Ride is now becoming a recurring yearly adventure and is gaining huge popularity, not just with the Norwegians but with many European bikers who see photos of the roads there. The start point is in Lyngdal however anyone can ride from where they want to meet in the final destination of Skånevik. In Skånevik on the Sunday there are free demo rides of Indian bikes and Gil Edwards and the Vintage Chiefs band will be playing and entertaining. Throw in some Scandi beer, food and their love of a good time, anyone joining this ride will certainly feel like they’re a viking for the weekend.”
    Contact or call +47991 29 807

    Where? In Austria
    When? 5th to 10th September
    “Most bikers will have heard of the famous European Bike Week, more commonly called Faaker See or Faak Am See or simply just Faak. Whatever you call it, this centrally located biker gathering in the heart of Europe is easy to get to, has amazing roads nearby and is so well organised that you can’t fail to have a bad time. Indian Motorcycle has used this as its key IMRG event in the calendar and again for 2017 we will be welcoming back our previous members and welcoming our new ones.”
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