DS Custom Scout Suspension Upgrade Kit

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    As the title suggests the scout suspension upgrade kit for the Indian scout 60 and scout 69 that will replace the OEM suspension with a customized suspension set up to your riders weight and style of riding.

    Q. So what is in this suspension kit and why should I get an upgraded suspension over and above the OEM scout suspension that came with the bike.

    A. When manufacturers build a bike they have to take into consideration many variables. Variables such as rider weight, rider speed, track speed, terrain, riding style and conditions must all be taken seriously to provide a bike to the public that will be a good balance for everyone.
    Spring rates and dampening circuits are somewhat averaged out to suit an average rider on an average track or road. These standard bikes are set up to suit a person that doesn’t really exist (ie: a compromise). All motorcycles new or old no matter what they are will require some degree of suspension rework.

    If you are serious about your riding and or racing, or just making your motorcycle suit you to a tee, you need a bike custom set-up for you to allowing you to get the most from your machine.

    Customize your bikes suspension is for you the bike will perform and ride a whole lot better and you will enjoy your riding the scout a whole lot better.

    Once you install custom suspension and tune your suspension to your riding conditions that best suits you, you will think quit differently about the cost and suspension in general.

    Q. What's in scout suspension upgrade kit

    1 Set of DS Classic Custom Twin Shocks (Finish Black)
    1 Set of progressive front fork springs

    • P/n 500-931 or 500-014 (to your riders weight) see chart bellow
    • Pre loader spacers pre cut to your riders weight

    PM Darkscout to check the availability with all suspension orders manufactured as a custom order, send me your riders weight and what extras are installed on the scout.

    US importer for the range of DS suspension products are Jethrosparts Here: jethrosparts John can assist you with DS Classic Scout suspension orders in the US
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