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Discussion in 'Indian Challenger' started by DHDaggs, Sep 27, 2021.

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    2020 Darkhorse Challenger 11300miles - Back in summer I had LLoyds tune done with Tab Cat delete and stock pipes, things were fine. I decided I liked the stage 1 oval Indian Pipes so I purchased those and Installed , afterwards had some fishy engine lights coming on but no performance issues so I rode on....Problem was the noise I know loud is good but it wasn't a good loud so I removed the Cat Delete and installed the Cat back. My question is since I had the LLoyds tune is there anything I need to do or will the computer adjust? Before bike was initially Tuned with stock pipes and cat delete , now I have a cat and stage 1 pipes? I may be overthinking it.....
    Also my engine light came on yesterday, pre putting cat back in , but with no performance issues. Gonna take bike to Indian tomorrow and hook to a computer to clear. Is this the issue LLoyds and Indian are working on or is it ghost in the machine.
    thanks for any info
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    The CAT is where your backpressure came from. It matters. I don't have a Challenger so my experience is all from V-Twins [air-cooled]. I'd call Joey (Master Tech at Music City Indian) and get the straight dope.
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    I just deleted my Cat with the TAB performance pipe. I have Lloyds tune, stage one air cleaner and Indian stage one slip-ons. No codes (so far). It is much louder, but I like it. The bike feels cooler, and I know it is only 10 lbs (and it could just be placebo effect) but I swear it feels lighter on the turn-in. More clearance too.

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