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    Since the first post/title didn't garner much attention, I figured this might help. Let's talk about some blackout options!

    Chrome bits in general
    I know, hard to believe a biker wouldn't dig chrome. Might have something to do with tetrachromatism, photophobia, and night blindness creating a perfect storm for me. I'd love to hear some ideas on blacking out the wife's Springfield!

    Driving lights and turn signals
    Okay, yes, I know, there is an OEM driving light kit with gloss black cans and turn signal support bar bracket. NOT looking to spend $400, though. Was hoping there's a less expensive option to replace the DL cans, and the turn signal support bar/bracket and front turn signals.
    Also on the subject of turn signals - rear brake surround in black OEM is ~$310? Yikes. Especially since they still use that ugly amber lens instead of a tinted or clear lens with amber or red/amber LEDs inside. Options, anyone?
    While we're on the topic of it, are the turn signals 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire? Maybe different front to rear? Maybe I'm just too used to my old Honda that had everything as simple as possible.
    ((OEM option $710))

    Gauges and cluster bezel
    Okay, I can stomach the cost of the OEM black bezel (currently ~$93?)
    The OEM black face / black bezel gas gauge, I'm choking a little at $205
    The OEM black face/bezel speedo/tach/etc gauge. Yea, no. $579? Nah.
    Probably going to end up with the black bezel and live with the cream/chrome gauges - not worth the upcharge to me (probably not to her, either, but I will present her the options)
    ((OEM option $877 + dealer-only install of speedo))

    Gas cap and fake cap
    I'll probably just end up plasti-dipping them, but if there's other options, I'm all ears. Kuryakyn replacements leak, as I understand, and the OEM gloss black replacements supposedly scratch very very easily.
    ((OEM option $90))

    Fender headdress
    So, I know there's fairly inexpensive options out there. I'll probably end up looking for one of those Zambini units for me, and swap my thunder black/tinted headdress onto hers.
    ((OEM option $105))

    Alright, pretty sure the mirrors on the Springfield are 10mm metric standard threading - someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    Since the Springfield is for the wife, I'm looking to go to larger (much larger) mirrors. No, larger than the ones you're thinking of. Bigger than those, even. On her old Shadow 750 we have Emgo "Big One" mirrors (6-1/4"x4-1/2"). Anyone know a (preferably direct fit!) mirror bigger than that? Would rather not MacGyver anything, but open to it if it means she can be comfortable riding with me.

    For the sake of argument, the Emgo mirrors scrape that fine line between 'so flimsy they flop' and 'impossible to adjust' depending on 1/16 of a turn to the jam nuts. Tired of constantly cranking them down, backing them off for adjustment, repeating ad nauseum.

    Bonus points for being black, and the cost I'd like to keep at/under the OEM black mirror price ($125)

    - Odin
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