2020 CDH 116" Exhaust and Cams

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    My bike is a 2020 CDH with the factory TS116". I'm very confused and need some help. In stage 1 you upgrade AC and mufflers and need a tune because of the extra air flow. The Indian stage 2 kit includes 60mm throttle body, cams and injectors. My questions are:
    1. I'm being told I can do the lloydz 585 cams and I don't need the TB, injectors and stage 1 exhaust. Just install the cams and tune, I already have a high flow AC. Why does Indian say you need all the extra parts?
    2. I was looking at the Reinhart slimline duals header and mufflers. They also say no tune needed. How can you install a higher flowing exhaust and not tune?
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    Some input [I'm running a STG3 kit]:
    1) You need intake and exhaust at Stage 1 to maximize air in and out of the manifold to take advantage of the duration provided in STG2 and beyond. The larger TB is a matter of debate. Folks say the smaller diameter moves fuel more quickly at the same pressure and others support more fuel volume at a slower flow with the larger diameter. [Pro Tip: If STG2 is what you want, avoid the Indian Cams unless we're talking Challenger, then ignore everything I've said.]

    2) You don't need to tune on the exhaust side because it's not worth the money. If you already had a PV3 and planned to do more, then I'd advise you to go for it because you made the investment and you get all the rest free. But the backpressure loss is imperceptible and the bike will compensate for the duals pretty easily if you're tubeless. The OEM tuning is less than optimal [thank the EPA] and I'd recommend the Lloydz tune.

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