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  1. Odin
    The blind squirrel
  2. Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez
    2020 Roadmaster Dark Horse
  3. Woody
    Here is a pic today(Mar 17, 2021) of my 2020 RM.
  4. SRD0060
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it..
  5. Lighthouse
    Keep the shiny side up, see you out there. Peace
  6. Penny
    Looking forward to warm weather and meeting more fellow riders this summer. My ride on our way to the Tail of the Dragon two years ago.
  7. Charlie Riden
    Charlie Riden
    Looking for some Indian riders Nebraska
  8. Seke Teme
    Seke Teme Kruzn
    very interested in the gas strut kit. Email is Please forward information. Thanks
  9. Ronald
    2016 Vintage. Will not start in gear with the clutch in and kickstand up. Starts in Neutral. Just started any thoughts or suggestions
  10. TexasRain
    There is more to the journey than the destination.
  11. Don
    Trying to diagnose an ongoing problem with 2002 Indian Spirit. Engine cranks slow on start-up it overheats battery. very strong smell of gas
  12. RobCourt
    New to this forum, owned 2017 Springfield for 3 years
  13. Steve Miller
    Steve Miller
    Having fun here in Louisiana riding my Vintage in between hurricanes!
  14. pokeyhorse
    2014 Indian Chieftain with Champion Legend sidecar.
  15. StormyD
    Baby Boomer rider in Tyler Texas
  16. Weldsales
    I am from Joppa, MD and new to this forum. Look forward to great info on all things Indian. 2018 Chief Vintage.
  17. Lenny
    Riding is freedom!
  18. wco56
    wco56 Dagwood
    Dagwood, I am in need of a code for the referral program and I see you had mentioned it a while back. Any chance I could exchange info with you for the program? I sent mine in 10 weeks ago, called them today and they said my info didn't work out. Wayne Olson, Tillson, NY
    1. Dagwood
      My codes have been used up. So sorry. Wish I could help you out.
      Sep 14, 2020
    WENDIGO Dan_Frisbie

    Was looking to try Amsoil in my 2017 Scout 60 , but need the crush washers too. Where can I acquire both?

    Thanks for your time,
    1. Dan_Frisbie
      Measure the washer or take one to your local NAPA Auto Parts Store. They can match it up and then You should buy a dozen of them.
      I no longer sell Amsoil or I would sell you the oil and give you the washers. I had a box full, but lost everything in a fire.
      Sep 8, 2020
  20. DPaps!
    Super upset with the treatment received at a dealership today. I own a Challenger that has a throttle that sometimes is off sync. Falls flat