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  1. virtualkris
    Seriously considering purchase of 2020 Challenger, after riding Harleys for 36 years!
  2. Brave Wolf Customs
    Brave Wolf Customs
    I am an artist who creates Indian Motorcycle Themed artwork. I have tank decals, stickers, T-shirts, art prints and more on my website.
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    2. NickJ
      Take all the time you like to get to know the site and its members. If you need anything let me know.
      Mar 26, 2020
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    3. Brave Wolf Customs
      Brave Wolf Customs
      Thank you NickJ! I was Googling myself when I found a link back here on a mention. The site looks fantastic, welcoming, and fun so I didn't hesitate to register
      Mar 26, 2020
    4. NickJ
      Nice! Yeah, your name is not brand new to me, but you gotta love when the google machine works! Thanks for the nice words and I hope that you find it is very much what you expect.
      Mar 26, 2020
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  3. Baldhead_J
    There's nothing better than a few constraints that you can comfortably kick against.
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  4. Baldhead_J
    Ever so slowly approaching the Conch Republic.
  5. Dunerider
    Primary cover stuck? Anyone removed one before and if so do I just need to pull harder? It feels like a spring is holding it in place.
  6. johnnybg48
    johnnybg48 JayFL459
    I saw that pic of the forest green Roadmaster. I'm new to this site. That was a custom paint job. Correct? Anyways, I liked it. I have a 2018 Burgundy Roadmaster with tan seat. My humble opinion is that it looks better with this color vs. the black.
  7. RPM
    RPM Dagwood
    Halifax bike show?
    You going?
    I am planning to go.
    Maybe we can touch base
    My cel 506-684-0700 you can call or text
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    2. Dagwood
      Oh Hell yeah.
      Not sure if Sat or Sun yet.
      Mar 4, 2020
  8. RoadmasterD
    Itchin' to ride....
  9. Keca13
    Keca13 Baldhead_J
    Dark horse is in Dewey as. An hour north of Phoenix
  10. rohan
  11. KHAOS
    Waiting for Spring; not sure I am patient enough to make it.
  12. DrZ
    Hi everyone. 2020 is here. My company retired me and the VA continues to cut on me. Have not ridden enough so I am pissed off. Semper Fi
    1. majuaaa
      WhatsApp...((+44 7404 052028)) Purchase/Buy Real, legal, Legit, IELTS, NEBOSH,TOEFL,PTE,ESOL,GRE,GMAT
      Mar 6, 2020
  13. LexM
    Snowed on.
  14. Rankdog
    Hello to everyone. Just here to enjoy the posts and add when I can. I have a 2015 Roadmaster I ride as much as I can.
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  15. boynton6spd
    Loving year round riding season!
  16. Glenn Greenlee
    Glenn Greenlee 49Indian
    Hey 49 - My denali only honks for a second then trips the breaker. Have to turn bike on and off to reset. Followed the wiring exactly - I mean it looks so simple don't understand why it keeps tripping the breaker - any ideas?

  17. Lamar40
    Lamar40 Jbwild
    Where did you purchase your bags?$?
  18. Massarj
    New here, looking for information.
  19. Kelz
  20. DTXChieftan
    New Indian owner for 2020. Indian Chieftan, my first Indian