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  1. Blakeyz
    hi,I have scout 60, v+h pipes, s+s pod filter, power commander, dynoed @ 96 bhp at crank, 84 bhp at rear wheel, what extra from th2 1200?
  2. Neilwilson266
    Interested persons should contact me via email ,
  3. Neilwilson266
    Here is my late dad vintage motorcycle.
  4. Thunderchief
    Hello from Thunderchief!
  5. Baldhead_J
    I struggle with feeling feelings......mostly in my hands and feet.
  6. Peter69
    2016 Indian Chieftain
  7. Dennis Gunter
    Dennis Gunter tthunder38 for the pictures of the wind deflectors
  8. whitsend
    New Rider, Old Soul. 2016 Chief Classic
  9. jdmcd
    I installed an Indian sissy bar (14") and luggage rack. Curious to know if the stated weight limit is legitimate or not.
  10. ditchmonger
    ditchmonger Darklock
    Hello, this is ditchmonger. My name is Mike Zitelman 514 grey fox run watertown wi 53094. Thanks again
  11. Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown
    Indian Motorcycles is roaring into Colorado Spring with a new dealership you can follow us at
  12. Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown
    We are getting ready to open a new dealership Pikes Peak Indian Motorcycle in Colorado Springs.
  13. c10camper
    c10camper Dtrm
    You wrote a post about a Scout a couple of years ago. Do you still have the bike?
  14. Rutland
    2015 Chieftain
  15. Rutland
    2015 Cheiftain
  16. ProfVorlauf
  17. extiger
    Proud new member of the tribe...2019 Scout Bobber Icon ABS in Deep Brass Smoke (RK slip-on exhaust)
  18. Baldhead_J
    Recovery is becoming as broken as you were.
  19. PileOParts
    PileOParts Ken Smith
    Ken, is that roadhouse restaurant with the mounted rattlesnakes in picture frames still in London?
  20. Ibjamn
    Ibjamn Dan_Frisbie
    Would you consider selling the back rest without the pad?
    I am wanting to cut it apart, so not wanting to spend a lot. If yes, what would you consider selling it for?
    Plus I am in California, so shipping will probably be up there. Never had anything this sizable shipped before.

    George Baca
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    2. Dan_Frisbie
      Give me an evening to think on it. I’ll post by tomorrow morning.
      Jun 20, 2019
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    3. Dan_Frisbie
      I think I am going to hold onto the backrest and try a little longer for the asking price.
      Jun 21, 2019
    4. Ibjamn
      That's all right, I really don't need it. it was just for a project in my head. And I don't want to end up spending $600+ into a passenger backrest.
      If you decide otherwise, let me know.
      Jun 21, 2019