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  1. extiger
    Proud new member of the tribe...2019 Scout Bobber Icon ABS in Deep Brass Smoke (RK slip-on exhaust)
  2. Baldhead_J
    Recovery is becoming as broken as you were.
  3. PileOParts
    PileOParts Ken Smith
    Ken, is that roadhouse restaurant with the mounted rattlesnakes in picture frames still in London?
  4. Ibjamn
    Ibjamn Dan_Frisbie
    Would you consider selling the back rest without the pad?
    I am wanting to cut it apart, so not wanting to spend a lot. If yes, what would you consider selling it for?
    Plus I am in California, so shipping will probably be up there. Never had anything this sizable shipped before.

    George Baca
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    2. Dan_Frisbie
      Give me an evening to think on it. I’ll post by tomorrow morning.
      Jun 20, 2019
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    3. Dan_Frisbie
      I think I am going to hold onto the backrest and try a little longer for the asking price.
      Jun 21, 2019
    4. Ibjamn
      That's all right, I really don't need it. it was just for a project in my head. And I don't want to end up spending $600+ into a passenger backrest.
      If you decide otherwise, let me know.
      Jun 21, 2019
  5. Jeepjk
    Jeepjk SouthernProducer
    Hello. Came across your lower wind panel discussion. Do these provide more air to the engine and how do they do that? Thanks
    1. SouthernProducer
      Bottomline...they provide a big more air to both the engine and the rider. At the same time, buffeting is better controlled than without the panels and even the OEM accessory panels on the Springfield which set at a steeper angle than the Vintage (for example). Hope that helps...
      Jun 20, 2019
  6. Baldhead_J
    Another Very Stable Genius
  7. SRD0060
    Well its cold in Canberra
  8. Ed223722
    I am trying to sell something how do I put up a picture
  9. Ed223722
  10. FoeHawk
  11. dennisontwowheels
  12. geewago
    geewago BigDog
    Just for you info. You will get about 100 times more exposure on advertising your seat over on
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  13. Jpeters
  14. Subcircuit
    Subcircuit samperry007
    I was hoping the same thing
  15. ZBike
    Hello! from Hilliard, Ohio
  16. PileOParts
    That's Management in the red and The Executive Department in the green.
  17. LesAteliersRuby
    Les Ateliers Ruby is expanding and now looking for dealers in Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Canada etc.
  18. Shrek
    Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. (John 15:13)
  19. Shelly / Michelle MyBell
    Shelly / Michelle MyBell
    Hello. My name is Shelly. I work for a motorcycle performance shop that specializes in Indian and Victory.
    1. Rodd
      Hey Shelly, welcome. Not many folk look at the profile posts, so most probably don't know you're here but if you put up an introduction post your gonna find the community.
      May 17, 2019
  20. Fletchd
    Fletchd PakRat
    I read a post where you were trying to get the air out of your coolant system. I recently had to disconnect a hose and now have air in the system. Did you confirm the screw in the thermostat (top) is a bleed screw? Any advice / instructions you can provide would be helpful.