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  1. That's One Lazy Dog
    That's One Lazy Dog
    Anyone having trouble with Indian honoring warranty? I've got a lifter causing hate in #2. Polaris calls it "normal." 5700 miles. Huh?
  2. robert wood
    robert wood
    ride a 2015 chieftain looking for list of tools to carry for road repairs
  3. Gina
    Off to meet the cannonball racers today.
  4. Gina
    Off today to go see the 1948 Ford we are building. Painting should be almost done matte black like the Squaw.
  5. Baldhead_J
    Baldhead_J Meggie
    Suggestion: Consider increasing the diameter of the circular indian head beltbuckle by 25%. I'm finding it a bit feminine at this size, but the bright side is that it's going to make a cool gift!
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  6. War Machine
    War Machine
    Highly Respectable
    Sharpsburg, GA
  8. DawgSugar
    DawgSugar Dan_Frisbie
    hey Dan, so whats your overall assessment on the best seat? i have a 2014 chieftain in Gulf Breeze that I'm gonna change out but am having difficulty finding a 7"wide drivers backrest. chrome luggage rack instead of pass seat. also wanting a shorter reach. so looking into some risers to give a little bend at the elbow. thoughts?
  9. baldfuzzz
    Love my Roadmaster
  10. tthunder38
  11. Scar
    life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans
  12. Fletchd
    Fletchd Hatt
    Fork / spring adjusters - did you ever go to production with your fork load adjusters? I would love a pair.
  13. ZoonORama
    New to this forum/site - I have a new born Scout with only 160 mi. on it. - HAven't ridden in 30 years and MAN did I miss it!
  14. Cuirassier
    new here,glad to registered.
  15. will
    Just got back from our second leg of Route 66 travels This time we added in the Rockies and a western adventure through Cheyenne, Wy.
  16. Dadawada
    We are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time.
  17. Cornbiker
    still blind from hear trama..... look forward to being able to see and ride again
  18. wjgolding
    idling at a light....
  19. Traveler
    Traveler Blueshwk
    How are you doing these days?
  20. ConceptScout
    ConceptScout CameramanX
    I really like the tank decal that you created. My friends father owns a sign shop and I was hoping to create something similar. Do you have a saved imaged that I could use to print to vinyl?
    1. CameramanX
      I sent some files to the guy who made mine. He worked with them to create my decal. I can share those files with you, but don't see an option to attach a file here.
      Jun 13, 2018
    2. ConceptScout
      My email address is Could you send those files there? That would be extremely helpful as I only have access to someone who could print the Vinyl, not create the image.
      Jun 14, 2018