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New Profile Posts

  1. Jim Cherry
    Jim Cherry JayFL459
    Hey JayFL459, how are you doing ? Good I hope. On the Scout....say I have one of those small chargers, do I just put Pos. and the neg. to the frame ? The Pos. wire goes from the battery goes to the frame and screws into the frame. Am I right ? God Bless.. Jayimpalaman jcherry5858@gmail.com
    1. JayFL459
      As long as get a good Positive Connection to the battery can Put the Negative anywhere there is a good ground which for me was the frame itself ..
      May 22, 2018 at 1:51 AM
  2. garyshively
    Starting issue with '17 Scout (fuel delivery), once cranked it runs like a top. Replaced fuel pump, no change. Dealer is stumped. Help!
  3. Topfooldugster
    The older I get, the faster I was
  4. Jpeters
    Need Help ASAP
  5. Jpeters
    Jpeters Chim3r4
    Get nice bike! I came across your thread and I'm in a bit of a situation.. I've cut my harness and mount some aftermarket 10" bars and now I'm not riding until I find a brake solution for the line length
  6. Jpeters
    Matte black paint sucks!
  7. Bobby Jesus
    Bobby Jesus JayFL459
    I’m an early bird. Saturday we will be riding through the National Forrest. Stopping for lunch at cracker house barbecue.
    1. JayFL459
      Hopefully can meet up .. Assume you mean Ocala National Forest ..
      Apr 26, 2018
    2. JayFL459
      Looked up Cracker BBQ if can give me a time will meet you for Lunch .. Just call or Text 386-438-4974 ..
      Apr 26, 2018
  8. Bobby Jesus
    Bobby Jesus JayFL459
    Jay, will you be going to Leesburg?
    1. JayFL459
      Hope to do a day trip barring bad weather .. Should have at least one good day to to do it what day were you planning.. I prefer a bit on the early side of the day so can visit a bit and still be back up to Lake City before dark ..
      Apr 22, 2018
  9. Jpeters
    Jpeters Alpal
    There's the ride bro.
  10. Jpeters
  11. Bobber_ger
    Still waiting.......
  12. Bobby Jesus
    Bobby Jesus Papa Lar
    Might be out that day. Anyways contact me on my cell (786-400-6590) And let me know your size
  13. Patrickg
    Minnesota is home
  14. Patrickg
    Looking for a place for aftermarket accessories like backrest.
  15. dannywfo
    New member here! Looking forward to learning and sharing experiences in rides and modifications. V&H slip ons, S&S air, power vision cx
  16. Baldhead_J
    My member is gold.
  17. Weston Frank Live
    Weston Frank Live
    Haul Ass or Be Last!
  18. Indianmcrider
    Indianmcrider Zipperhead Frankenberry
    Doin well and enjoying retirement. This is a new experience but the learning curve isn't too steep and I'm enjoying life. How about you?
    1. Zipperhead Frankenberry
      Zipperhead Frankenberry
      Someday I hope to enjoy retirement. I figure 9 more years of drudgery ought to do it. Doing good here, all things considered.
      Mar 27, 2018
  19. Indianmcrider
    Indianmcrider Roadie
    Any chance you still have power button covers for sale?
    The ones I saw on your post match what I already have on my bike.
    1. Roadie
      Sorry, none left
      Mar 27, 2018
  20. OL'55
    OL'55 sidecarsam
    Installed the Custom Dynamics Bullet Ringz in black on the rear turn signals. Pics to be posted later. What did you put on your front turn signals, may I ask?
    1. OL'55
      I saw an old post on the other site. Belay my last. Further up the road, mi amigo!
      Apr 23, 2018